Great video building experience with ADB Studio

I had thought of building a video for Simplogy for a very long time. We got one recently and what a great experience we had!

I had come to know of ADB Studio via a client’s referral and provided them the script for a 3 minutes animated / graphical video. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of their Bayu Sulistyo who went to extra-ordinary lengths to fix their first and second drafts to my feedback and was really proactive to deliver a good quality product to me.

While the first version disappoint me, and I thought – Lo! one more outsourcing effort gone wrong, Bayu worked on my feedback and really worked hard to fix the entire thing, so much that I had no hesitation to show the video at ad:tech Sydney and put it up on the website’s home page for all to view. Here is the video:

It was a great decision and a great process to get this corporate video done. A final draft is underway but you can view the current version and let me know any feedback or suggestions for version 2 that I would commission (to ADB of course) by the end of this year. Please put these suggestions and feedback in comments below.


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  • Mahesh Enjeti

    Good work, Hasnain.  I might like to use them based on your recommendation. 

    About your video, I don’t have any serious issues if the spoken words don’t exactly match up with the written text (in fact it might break the monotony) except in one instance where a  reference is made to your product name – Rent your Digital Expert.  It is important that the branding is consistent. Also, there is a black spill across the frame on one of the slides that needs to be fixed.

    I am sure you would have already picked up on both these.  Strangely, the word “technology” now seems to sound alright.

    Good luck with the final version.